Yacoov Israel Blumenfeld became a Rabbi in 1979, and turned Chief Rabbi of Rio de Janeiro in 1980, after the passing of his father, strongly supported by Rabbi Moshe Feinstain, the Lubavitcher Rebbe and many other orthodox authorities worldwide.  

He is recognized and recommended by the renowned World Organization of Orthodox Rabbis, "International Kashrut", for Kosher Supervision and Certification in Brazil.

With the reputation of very strict and rigorous in the profession and uncompromising in law, Rabbi Blumenfeld can also surprise us in a positive way, as someone very open minded, always ready to make the link, toward to communication, patient to explain to anyone milenar laws and complicated Precepts from Jewish Law required for Supervision and Kosher Certification. His is quite flexible, and tolerant for an orthodox and it’s always rewarding to talk to him, so wide and actualized is his culture.

Rabbi Blumenfeld has an extensive knowledge of Brazilian ingredients and procedures of food industry, acquired and always renewed over 40 years of rabbinic supervision activities throughout Brazil and for export.

Since 1981, the Rav Blumenfeld works in Rabanut of Rio that is located in Copacabana.

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